Yokoyama Laboratory investigates origin and evolution of the early solar system materials by isotopic and elemental analysis of terrestrial and extraterrestrial mateterials.

04/02/2024 New papers have been published.

04/01/2024 New members have joined our group.


Kita, N.T., …, Gautam, I., Haba, M.K., …, Masuda, Y., Yokoyama, T., et al.

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Fujita, R., Ishikawa, A., Nakano, S., Yokoyama, T.

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Hu, Y., Moynier, F., Dai, W., Paquet, M., Yokoyama, T.., ... Gautam, I., ... Haba, M.K., ... Masuda, Y., ..., et al.

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Yokoyama, T.., Wadhwa, M., Iizuka, T., ... Gautam, I., ... Masuda, Y., Haba, M.K., ..., et al.

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