Lab seminar 2020

Seminar Fall 2020

date name subject
Oct 12th Tetsuya YOKOYAMA Nucleosynthetic Ti isotope anomalies in hibonites from Allende CAIs
Oct 19th Yuki MASUDA Mineralogy and nucleosynthesis isotope anomalies of fine grained spinel rich inclusions in Allende meteorite
Oct 26th Motoi OKADA Rb Sr separation method For Rb Sr dating of Eucrites
Nov 2nd Takahiro OZAWA (Ishikawa lab) Origin of EM1-like composition on OIB from Pitcairn Island
Nov 9th Ikshu GAUTAM Mo isotopic investigation of mafic rocks in Acasta Gneiss Complex
Nov 16th Ryo FUJITA (Ishikawa-lab) Petrogenesis of peridotite xenoliths from Salt Lake Crater and Kaula, Hawaiian Islands: insights from mineral chemistry and highly siderophile element geochemistry
Nov 30th Akira ISHIKAWA (Ishikawa-lab) TBA
Dec 8th Keiji NISHIKAWA Pb isotope systematics in Martian meteorites: Implications for the evolution of Martian mantle
Dec 15th Yusuke OHKUMA Cr isotopic compositions in CM chondrites
Dec 22nd Shotaro OKAWA Mo isotopic compositions in CM chondrites
Jan 12th Shun NAKANO (Ishikawa-lab) Trace element analyses toward highly siderophile element geochemistry of komatiites
Jan 19th Tatsuya TAMURA Analyses of trace elements (REEs, HFSEs, Mo and W) by alkali fusion method

Seminar Spring 2020

date name subject
Apr 16th Tetsuya YOKOYAMA Nucleosynthesis: The Where and How
May 1st Yuki MASUDA Evaluation of collection rate and cross contamination of LAF (Laser ablation with Filter) sampling method
May 8th Motoi OKADA Thermal history of Vesta based on the Rb-Sr dating of Eucrites
May 15th Ikshu GAUTAM Understanding Nucleosynthetic Mo isotope anomalies
May 22nd Tatsuya TAMURA Geochemical study of basaltic xenoliths and rhyolites from Kozushima Volcano, Izu Arc, Japan
May 29th Ryo FUJITA (Ishikawa-lab) Metasomatism of mantle xenoliths from Kaula Islands, Hawaii
Jul 22nd Keiji NISHIKAWA Paper reading: Pb evolution in the Martian mantle (Bellucci+ 2018)
Jul 23rd Yusuke OHKUMA Paper reading: Chromatographic speciation of Cr(III)-species, inter-speciesequilibrium isotope fractionation and improved chemical purificationstrategies for high-precision isotope analysis (Larsen+ 2016)
Jul 27th Shotaro OKAWA Paper reading: Presolar history recorded in extraterrestrial materials (Nguyen and Messenger 2011)
Jul 30th Shun NAKANO (Ishikawa-lab) Highly siderophile element geochemistry of komatiites from Pilbara Craton, Western Australia