This web site is for students and staff of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Tokyo Institute of Technology combined its undergraduate and graduate schools into six new Schools in April 2016.
The formal home page of Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, School of Science is HERE.


  • 2018.12.18We will hold the stargazing party today as planned. ¨ More Information
  • 2018.12.03 The Stargazing party will be held on 12/18 (Tue) as planned. ¨ More Information
  • 2018.07.06A stargazing party is held on Friday, July 20. The event will be postponed to July 27 in case of bad weather. ¨ More Information
  • 2018.05.09Faculty Position Available; Assistant Professor, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Deadline; June 29th, 2018 ¨ More Information
  • 2015.11.04Faculty Positions Available; Assistant Professor, Department of Earth & Planetary, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Deadline; January 4th, 2016 ¨More Information
  • 2015.04.13Guidance & Welcome Party for new sophomore student at EPS will be held on April 17th from 16:40. For More Information.
  • 2015.03.09Guidance for students who will be starting April 2015 wiill be held on April, 6th(Mon) at Ishikawadai Building 2, Room 315.
  • 2015.03.09Information of Course Registration & Assignment for students who took Cutting Edge Topics ¨@More Information
  • 2015.02.24Guidance of Master course at EPS will be held on April 22nd, from 13:30 at Ishikawadai Build.2@Room 318 @¨@More Information
  • 2015.02.17The Schedule for completing the Doctoral & Master course in June,2015 is available ¨@ Schedule for Doctor / Schedule for Master
  • 2014.05.26The Seismograph data of Ishikawadai Build.2 is opened. ¨¨
  • 2012.06.29Request to reduce the power consumption. The guideline for saving energy in EPS is here.


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